5 Questions to ask yourself before choosing a Domain Name

There are several reasons why you should consider doing some research before jumping into buying the first domain name you think will fit your business current needs. 

Amongst them is the fact that your “current needs” may not be that relevant in a year from now as your business grows. Second, as a small business owner, you will probably not want to spend precious time, money and energy changing your domain name every year. Third, even if you had the resources to change your domain name… will you want your clients to be confused about your brand? These are some of the basic questions every future-preneur should be asking themselves before opening their wallets to invest in a domain.

  • Should my business domain name be based on my location or the place where my clients will be located?

Well, it all depends. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure your clients can find you easily, for example: if your business is physically located in the UK, but your target market it’s mostly Canadian, then you may want to go with the .ca extension, however, if you will be operating on both countries, you may want to have one extension for each one of your target markets, in that case: .uk and .ca


  • Does it have to reflect the name of my company? 

Although using your company name could be a good branding strategy, if the name is too long or simply too difficult to pronounce, you may want to use an acronym, for instance, let’s say you own an event company called: Hallelujah Alle Events, in this case you may want your domain name to be something along the lines of: HAevents or halleevents. 

You should also consider using one of the many online tools called: domain name generators, which help you come up with hundreds of domain names based on your original entry and are usually pretty helpful. 


  • Should my domain extension be related to my industry?

Ideally, you would want to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible, think of it as a client, would you be surprised to find a hair salon that had a  domain name such as thehairsalon.org? You may get the impression that you have stumbled upon a non-profit organization to donate your hair. 

Consider the following stats:  37.32% of domain names end in the extension: .com and the two most popular domain extensions after that are: .cn and .tk



  • Should it be long or short?

This is a controversial subject, of course, you may want to have the full name of the company for branding purposes, however, when it comes to domain names,  “the shorter the merrier”. You want to make it as easy as possible for your ideal client to find you so that they get to enjoy your services or products much faster. 


  • Does it have to be easy to search?

Yes, and that’s when you need to put all of the above into practice, make sure you go through all the steps, consider all the possible combinations, as well as avoid using weird character such as hyphens or any other signs that may get in the way  and don’t forget to make a list of other potential domains, as you may not always find the domain that you are looking for.

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By Diana Gonzalez




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