According to new data from Pew Research, the majority of Americans say they use YouTube and Facebook, and the two platforms dominate the online landscape. Some 81 percent of Americans use YouTube compared to 69 percent who use Facebook.

Furthermore, YouTube has a lot going for it. Although Facebook might be the largest social networking site, YouTube has the second greatest reach after Facebook in terms of general usage. It’s also the second biggest search engine behind its parent company, Google.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that Youtube has made changes to its platform to allow for more short format videos called shorts which resemble stories on Facebook and Instagram.

That being said, here are 5 tools, tricks or tips. (However you prefer to call them) listed by HubSpot to help you navigate YouTube with more ease and make the most out of this fantastic platform.

  • Use YouTube to make a written transcript.

To get an automated transcription for a video: Simply upload your video to YouTube, open it on YouTube’s website, press the “More” tab underneath the video title, and choose “Transcript” from the drop-down menu. The transcript will appear as a new module in the same window.

  • Create a YouTube time link to start a video at certain points.

Open up the video and click “Share” to the far right of the video title. Then, in the window of options that appears, check the box next to “Start at:” and type in the time (in hours:minutes:seconds) you want. Alternatively, you can pause the video at the time you want it to start and that field will autofill.

  • See the written transcript of a video.

To see a video’s transcript: Open the video in YouTube and press the “More” tab underneath the video title. Choose “Transcript” from the drop-down menu.

(If you aren’t seeing this option, it’s because the user chose to hide the transcript.)

This transcript will appear as a new module in the same window. In many cases, the user who uploaded the video will not have gone back and manually polished the transcript, so it won’t be perfect. But it’ll certainly save you some time and pain.

  • Get found in search by uploading your own written transcript.

To add a transcript to your video: Open the video on YouTube, and you’ll see a row of icons just below the play button. Click the icon on the far right for “Subtitles/CC.” (CC stands for “Closed Captions.)

Set your language if you haven’t already. Then, you’ll then be prompted to choose among three different ways to add subtitles or closed captions to your video.

  • Turn any video into a GIF.

To create a GIF from a YouTube video: Select a video to watch on YouTube and find the URL at the top of your browser. Add the word “gif” right before the domain name so it reads, “www.gifyoutube.com/[your-video-tag].” This will bring you to gifs.com, with your video already uploaded and ready for editing.

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