We’re all about helping you succeed, that is why we decide to compile this practical guide for businesses to kick off summer in a grand fashion!! Here are a few ideas:


Make sure to mark your calendar and highlight those commercial and public holidays such as Father’s Day, Canada Day, August Civic Holiday and Labor Day, first of all, they are a great way to remind people you are still in business and that you care, second, most people know that these are the best days for sales! Start thinking of a great deal you can offer your customers. Of course, make sure to use all of your tools such as social media, blogs, newsletters, etc.


All of us love great parties. So, it is only fit to host an event to celebrate summer by coming together to have fun as a way of giving thanks to your customers. Find ways to treat your customers! summer is the perfect time to have a community picnic or barbecue at your location or open space like a nearby park. Invite your customers as a way to thank them for their loyalty and business. Include games, giveaways and raffles, if you can. If having a party it’s not possible, invite some clients to events like a baseball game, for example.

Finally, don’t forget your internal customers…  throwing a fun event for your team makes them feel appreciated, it creates a sense of connection and it helps them promote you without even thinking about it.


This is a great time of the year to hold a lot of different sales, some ideas include parking lot sales, BOGO sales, summer sales, inventory sales, and blowout sales, the possibilities are endless. Offer free snacks, food or water as well as discounts. Offer giveaways or talk to sponsors who might be willing to donate items in exchange for some publicity! 


Make sure you go to nearby events like local festivals, farmers’ markets, outdoor shopping areas, and nearby beaches, parks, etc. Bring flyers or small marketing material to pass around. You can even find out how to rent a booth at the event or location and hand out items like water bottles featuring your company’s logo or run a contest that collects contact information in return for a chance to win a prize. Follow up with customers once the festival/event is over.


Make sure to start planning now and take full advantage of these summer marketing tips. Keep your customers notified of all events and sales coming up, via email, social media, etc. Don’t be afraid to send reminders as dates approach!

Have you started working on your summer marketing plans? Did this guide give you a few l ideas that you are excited to try? Let us know in the comments or contact us on our social media and check out our latest blog post on Youtube Tricks you should know.

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