A webinar is in essence a virtual event and as such takes place in a virtual environment. The term “virtual event” refers to any event that takes place in an online setting, from a webinar to a product launch, town hall, conference, workshop, or party. Regardless of the type of virtual event you’re looking to host, Dataoptin.com has the tools and tech to help you make it a success.

Producing an event is one of the best gifts you can give to your clients. It will leave a lasting and memorable feeling and depending on the circumstances it could provide valuable information that people can walk away with. Independent to the type of event, the process is almost always the same that is why we’ve described some of the most common steps in the following short list:

  • Pick Your Topic. Always focus on content first.

This may sound cheesy but a lot of people tend to wander off topic when they are not clear about the message they are trying to convey. That is why it is extremely important to be very clear about the topics that you will be talking about during the webinar.

  • Write an Attention-Grabbing Title. 

Have you heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” well in this case it’s quite the opposite, you DO want to make sure that your title as well as your “cover” be as catchy and attractive as possible. Look at these as your 30 seconds elevator pitch, if you didn’t convince your audience in less than 60 seconds what are the chances that they’ll want to hear more about you?

  • Find a Great Speaker.

Just like any in-person event, a webinar will require a knowledgeable speaker, not only to relay great information in a compelling way but also to attract more attendees to your event.

  • Pick a Date / Time.

Date and time are also crucial as this will determine attendance in a big way. The thing is… there is no magic formula to decide what’s the best date and time for your event. The things to consider here are: who is your audience?When do they work?When do they have the most free time?Is your topic relevant enough that they’ll watch it even if they are at work?

  • Do a Test Run.

The beauty of the internet is that it allows you to test things in advance, unlike real events, so why not take advantage of it. Most webinar platforms have “practice sessions” which allow you to test your webinar with a small group of people, whether it is friends or colleagues, the important thing here is that you feel 100% comfortable with the tools, slides and time so that when the big day is here you have everything under control.

  • Follow up.

Not everyone will attend your event, even if they pay and register for it, according to outgrow.co the reality is that “the average webinar attendance rate is 40-50% of the people who have registered” which is why it’s imperative to follow up so that you still have a chance of reaching out to potential clients.

  • Get Help. Hosting a webinar requires more than one person.

Doing a webinar alone might not be impossible but it is short of it, ok maybe we’re exaggerating, but the truth is that if you are a busy professional or business owner you will most likely be short of a precious commodity called time, and that is the number one reason to hire a marketing agency to do it for you, the second reason is experience, do you really want your first webinar to leave a bad impression on your attendees?… exactly, that is why our first must be your best and having a reliable and experienced partner by your side is the key.

At dataoptin.com we take care of everything from load-in to lights-out, from coming up with the topics to creating the registration process, inherent engagement, and personalized graphic design pieces. So that you too don’t miss anything, real-time data and post-event analytics, keeping track of streaming quality, attendee participation, and everything related to your webinar event.

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