Remote work is here to STAY and grow. More and more companies are now opting to do remote work for the obvious reasons: less cost and more productivity, but beyond that , more often than not, employees are demanding to work from home as the benefits for them are even greater such as: cost savings in clothing, food and transportation, more time with family and less time commuting just to name a few and many more that we may not even begin to comprehend just yet.

That is why it is imperative that we, as business owners, adapt to the new demands of the reality of our “work place”, wherever that is, and create the tools necessary to help our team thrive in this new environment while maintaining a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

It is easy for team morale to go down when there is no physical interaction between coworkers and/or management, therefore ojt.com has come up with these 5 simple tips to keep in mind:

1. Prioritize communication

Ensuring your team can communicate with you and each other can reduce their loneliness and its negative effects on various business processes.  

Start by choosing the right communication tools for your team to use. Select apps and platforms that allow you and everyone to check in often.

Tools such as Slack and Zoom allow you to collaborate and stay connected with your remote team and all the members with each other.

Use video conferences regularly as well during meetings. Encourage all participants to turn on their cameras since seeing each other’s faces help members feel like they are still part of a team. Additionally, it helps maintain their attention.

We will simply add, make one on one time to check in with each one of your employees about things other than work, so they can feel that sense of belonging.

2. Let your team know you trust them

Trust is one of the important foundations of motivation. People are often more inspired and eager to produce better results when they like and trust their leaders.

When employees do not trust you or the company, you can’t expect them to be committed to their work.

The best way to build trust within a virtual team is to set up regular meetings. Try to do this at least once a week or at the beginning of a job or project through video conferencing.

You should also hold a company-wide meeting at least once every six months, although once every three to four months might yield better results.

3. Schedule only necessary meetings

This means scheduling meetings that are only of utmost importance and avoiding arranging ones that are not too essential. And try to keep these phone and video calls as short and concise as possible.

Additionally, sending emails, texts, and direct messages too often is not only distracting; it can also be seen as a sign by your employees that you don’t trust them or respect their valuable time.

4. Start a recognition program

Workplaces with a culture of recognition have a reliable way of retaining top talent, improving engagement, and encouraging better performance.

If you want to start a recognition program that will motivate your virtual team, follow these tips:

  • Determine the behaviors that you want to reinforce.
  • Choose the type of award you want to hand out.
  • Think about how often you should recognize and hand out awards.
  • Create a checklist for selecting candidates and determine who are eligible for rewards

5. Invest in employee training and development programs.

Look for different ways to help your employees improve and learn new skills. These include providing mentorship, training, and coaching programs.

If some of your employees are open to providing training or talks about their areas of specialization, choose a schedule that works for everyone and use the right platform to ensure all your team members can join and benefit from those.

If you want to make your training stand out and interesting, consider using a virtual event platform. This tech tool comes with various features, such as customizable avatars and 3D backgrounds, that help make the event unique, memorable, and fun.

if you found this information helpful and want to learn more about other relevant topics for business owner make sure to check our blog.

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