Ever since the pandemic started, ecommerce has seen unprecedented growth due to the restrictions of in person shopping and it seems like the trend to virtual shopping has continued into 2021. 

This coming season, major shopping dates like Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years are expected to increase in sales compared to 2020. So, before you use your same old marketing strategies that may have worked in “christmas past”, find out some of the ways you can truly optimize your Shopify marketing, Google marketing, and Paid Ads to gather new customers and keep in touch with returning ones. In this article we’ll be breaking down the top digital marketing trends for the upcoming holiday season like:


  • Offer a better customer experience

While the holidays are a joyful time of year, they’re also notorious for creating stress — especially when it comes to gift shopping. Your business can alleviate consumer stress, however, by providing useful tips and tricks to make their experience even better. For instance your store could offer simple holiday recipes to make cooking for the holidays even easier. Not only would this content provide helpful information to customers, but it would also motivate them to purchase more food from your supermarket.


Produce content that relates to your products, services, and consumer needs

For your business, you want to focus on producing content that relates to your products or services, as well as consumer needs. Before you develop a piece of content for the holiday season, ask how it will benefit and help your shoppers.


  • Send out newsletters 

Throughout the holiday season, businesses send shoppers a variety of offers. That’s why consumers frequently check their email during the holiday shopping season. They want to get the best deal, and email can help them save time and money.


Pay extra attention to engaging your subscribers during the holidays. Send out emails that highlight your promotions, sales, or seasonal product line. A simple email can make a world of difference by informing and encouraging shoppers, which helps you land additional sales.


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  • Show gratitude to shoppers

While there are many different ways you can thank clients, sending out a thank you email or a physical card are both simple acts that can motivate consumers to do their holiday shopping with your business. If your business wants to pull potential and previous shoppers back into your store, then you need to stay top-of-mind. An excellent holiday marketing strategy for keeping consumers dedicated and loyal to your brand focuses on gratitude.


Show shoppers how valuable they are to your business!


  • Start your marketing campaign early

Too many businesses procrastinate when it comes to developing their holiday marketing strategy.  Your target market should start thinking about your business and their holiday shopping before December rolls around. That’s why your team needs to work on its seasonal marketing campaign as early as October or even  may I dare say …September?


  • Offer rewards

The holidays are a time of giving — and your consumers want to be on the receiving end of gift giving from time to time too. Highlight special offers, savings, and free promotions whenever possible to amplify your sales during this time of year. If your company isn’t sure about offering free rewards, you can make the reward free shipping.


  • Produce festive ads

Depending on your company and products, you can use this holiday marketing strategy.


If you’re investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can focus on creating ads that feature a holiday touch or you can create content, from blog posts to ads, that emphasize the holidays

Maybe, for example, you produce a series of blog posts or social media status updates that focus on the holidays. A supermarket, for instance, may highlight recipes and decorations via their blog while a manufacturer may create an “Elf on the Shelf” series for their social media.

This includes creating Holiday Collections on Facebook, according to  resposiveal.com “When you are using Facebook to promote your product collections, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of them being that you should have at least 8 products in each collection. It is also important to price your collections under $100 so consumers are more likely to click on an impulse” find out more about it at https://www.responsival.com/post/7-tips-to-tackle-your-2021-holiday-e-commerce-digital-marketing-strategy


By Diana Gonzalez

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