Yeap… the hype is real!! People love beautiful images, therefore thrive in environments like IG.

In a society where pretty much everyone makes use of at least one social media platform to ‘stay-in-touch’ or to ‘keep up-to-date’. There are countless platforms to choose from and you can even monetize them if you do it really well, so if you’ve been sleeping on Instagram, now’s the perfect time to capitalize on the platform’s current boom.

Over a billion active users and counting, new features and functions for business being rolled out on a regular basis. That’s why we decided to put together a short list of Instagram tips to ensure that your presence isn’t stuck in the past century.

  1. What about that bio?

Make sure you have the following, regardless of what your business might be:

  • A branded hashtag to encourage tagging and sharing
  • A slogan or brief description that speaks to your brand voice
  • An Instagram-specific relevant bio link pointing to your homepage or a promotion (hint: you can use a URL tracker like Linktree to further assess your Instagram traffic)

2. Produce more video content

Yes, you’ve heard it here !! IG is not only for beautiful pictures, in fact more and more people are moving into platforms with video capacities like TikTok, and instagram has done a great job at keeping up with the current trends.

Apps such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse allow for straightforward video editing. In fact, even big brands rely on bite-sized Boomerang videos as part of their feed. Plus there are a ton of other apps out there that have made it super easy to create and edit your own videos. Although it may be time consuming it is still worth it.

If you want to learn more tips as well as tricks and hacks to make the best out of instagram, I strongly recommend checking out HubSpot https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/instagram-features-tricks?toc-variant-b=

3. Include CTAs in your description 

Calls to action are imperative when it comes to creating interactive content. Here are some examples of how you can drive fans and followers to take action via captions:

  • Ask questions
  • Encourage sharing via hashtags 
  • Publish “tag-a-friend” posts, to encourage conversations between users
  • Point people to your bio link

4. Engage with other accounts

This means, actually looking at other accounts aside from yours and being an active participant in their posts by making comments or sharing.

Replying to questions and tags from your followers is not only good customer service but also a positive signal for your engagement rate.How you interact with actual people matters more than an arbitrary follower count.

5. Don’t forget to use stories

One of the most powerful tools on Instagram is sharing stories, it is a quick, easy way to stay fresh, current and in people’s mind at all times without becoming overwhelming.

Stories represent a clear priority for Instagram right now. They’re among the most popular types of content by far, plus new features such as Stories ads and audience polls further signal that the platform wants brands on board.

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By Diana Gonzalez

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