Can you believe it’s the year 2023 already !!! not too long ago we were in the midst of a pandemic concerned with our health and our future, so it is a relief that all of that is now behind us and that we can look forward to a brighter future for the years to come.

That being said, I am personally not a fan of new year resolutions however, when it comes to businesses I believe that it is a MUST! Think about it… how else will you lead your team if you yourself as a business owner have no idea of what you expect from you, your team and your business. Hence, the importance of goal setting, you want your business to grow ethically, financially.

You have probably heard of SMART goal setting before as it is one of the widest known and most efficient types of goal setting. Like the word SMART implies, it is an intelligent way of dividing your goals into: 


To the point. It’s important for both you and your employees to have clear and established aims, to avoid potentially setting goals so broad that they are overwhelming and therefore too difficult to set into action.


Whatever your goals are, they need to be measurable in some sense, so that it is clear when you have reached or are close to reaching your goal.


When creating goals, set yourself up for success by being REALISTIC. Ask yourself if the goal you’re striving for is reasonable and attainable given your current circumstances.

Relevant & 

According to Grammarlygoals that are relevant to your future self are more sustainable because there’s an intrinsic motivation to fully accomplish your goal. 

If you’re putting energy toward a certain outcome, that outcome should move your greater objective forward. For example, if your goal is moving up to a management role, ask yourself why you want to achieve that goal. Do you enjoy leadership? Is developing a team something you’re passionate about long-term?”

Time bound 

Timelines just like goals must be relevant & realistic. This common pitfall can be incredibly demotivating for staff. They’re either left with an abundance of time in which they are not pushing themselves, or left feeling stressed and unmotivated when they fail to complete goals in the time frame provided.

Just to recap on what we have said here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when setting goals for yourself and your team:

  • Write them down.
  • Make your goals visible.
  • Break it down. 
  • Have a plan. 
  • Take action. 
  • Keep perspective. 
  • Identify potential obstacles.

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